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The Journey - Same News Different Doctors

Once we got a diagnosis we quickly had to decide a game plan on delivery most importantly doctors and locations. In speaking with all doctors we have decided to change our OB/GYN and fetal specialist so we can prepare for delivery. We want to be closer to children’s in case an emergency surgery will be required after labor. We didn’t take this decision lightly, Thai has become really connected to her OB but even after speaking with her this is the best decision.

As we prepare for these new life changes we will be working with a team of doctors and medical professionals.

Entering Week 30 we had an MRI along with our first appointment with the new OB. The MRI was so tiring and uncomfortable. Baby boy was moving a lot with is not good for a MRI. No new news really discovered, we are still on the same game plan. We met our new OB and we are looking forward for the next steps in our journey. We are in the homestretch of things and we are researching pediatricians in our area that would be comfortable treating a child with his diagnosis.

Check out our quick appointment recap video

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