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How It All Started

The Full Story

In October of 2016, Thai and her mother visited a grassroots church in Frisco, Texas.  There Franklin worked in the church within the music and facility team.  
It wasn't until that November Franklin first actually spoke to Thai (with a push from the First Lady).  
January of 2017 Thai requested to be Franklin's friend on Facebook (he was a "do you know" pop up).  Instantly, Franklin "DM'd" Thai.  
We exchanged messages for weeks until Franklin asked for Thai's number and he literally said (It Goes Down in the DM).  
We would talk and text for hours and hours every day, it was like we were kids again.  Even had moments of, oh you hang up no I hang you, okay same time.  
We found each other at the exact time we both needed one another.  The relationship blossomed throughout the years, we both had career changes, moves, and family issues arise.  We still always remained together and helped each other work through it all.

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