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Month #2 As Parents

We cannot say how much we love this new journey we are on. Parenthood is truly the best. So Thai started back to work Monday, she’s not okay. Yes, Thai works from home so it’s not like ohhh back in the office but hey no sitting in the bed with cuddles all day. We are so blessed to have GiGi and grandma Erma Jean right downstairs during those times Thai need to focus and work.

By the grace of God, we are growing big and strong. We have had a small panic where we had to contact cardiology. His levels were below 80% and he was extremely fussy, but the doctor told us to continue to watch it below 75% and bring him in if so.


  1. Double outlet right ventricular (DORV) with uncommitted ventricular septal defect (VSD)

  2. Complete balanced AV canal defect with inflow commitment to both ventricles

  3. Moderate subvalvular and valvar pulmonary obstruction

Treatment: Currently monitoring growth and heart rate numbers.

Right before discharge with his cardiologist in Dallas, he started the RSV shot to help fight the virus. This vaccine has numerous sessions through January, yep this a whole journey too. He has also started the Hep B series with his pediatrician.

Having a child with special medical needs there are so many steps to complete with the doctor and insurances. Each week we are scheduling an appointment or speak with insurance for one thing or another. We are blessed to have decent insurance that has been taking care of everything since his birth, but it’s a lot of steps and phone calls to get done.

What’s new!!

FDB2 loves to sleep on his side, he will truly roll over to his side to do so. Tummy time is a new fun pass time now until he falls asleep.

He loves his FaceTime calls especially with grandma Marsha Ann when she sings nursery rhymes. The dude can’t get enough of conversations with him, he can sit and try to talk to you all day.

Deuce is a new brand ambassador for Merry Tot. We are excited to work with them and their cause to fight against child labor and trafficking.

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