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Around the House - Pantry Addition

Since we purchased our home and moved last June organization has been our top priority. Since we have a multi-generational home we want it to be functional and yet still look nice. So as soon as we moved in we started with the heart of our home, the kitchen.

So with the OCDness of Thai that was her project for about 6 months. I will say it’s not a quick, easy, nor cheap thing to do. a complete pantry/kitchen organization makeover. Luckily we were starting from an empty canvas so we did not have that declutter stage to do. So we buy things in bulk so storage is key to keeping things organized. Thai hates to run out of things so we keep things we don’t even use often, to have just in case.

Here are some of our favorite products that keep our kitchen organized.

  1. Oxo pop containers - Everywhere, mostly from our wedding registry, then target, Amazon, bed bath and beyond, and oxo directly. These were of course the most expensive process.

  2. Baskets - Target

  3. Large baskets - Big Lots

  4. Lazy Susan - Amazon

Special shout out to Thai’s BFF about getting a lazy susan for pantry items.

Check out this video as Thai walk you through the pantry.

Let us know if you have any tips or tricks to help organize the home.

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