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National Son Day 2021

So they say it is today; the day we celebrate our son(s). This year it means something totally different than the last. You know we have to have a special blog post just for our sweet boy. Our mighty warrior. Thai started this note while still recovering in the hospital after the birth of FDB2.

A Note to My Newborn Son

As we sit and watch you sleep our heart is so filled with love and joy. We have loved you before you were born from the moment we heard your heartbeat our new mission in life was to protect you. There is a very special place in our heart reserved just for you always. You are the sweetest gift we have ever received.

We can’t thank God enough for allowing you to pick us as your parents.

Finding the words to express how we feel about you is not easy. So, to you, we thank you for you have forever changed us.

Sometimes we don’t really know what we are doing, but we promise to always try our best. We promise to do our best to keep you safe. We promise to always make you smile; and when there are tears instead, we promise to be the one to wipe them away and comfort you.

We will be the one to cuddle you when you feel scared, to hold your hand when you feel sick, to read just one more book to you when you can’t fall asleep. We will watch you take your first steps, hear you speak your first words, be there on your first day of school; and, when it’s time to let you go, we will be the one to wave goodbye, and to watch you become a man.

We love you beyond the depths of the sea. We love you beyond the galaxies in the sky. I will never stop loving you. We will always be your biggest cheerleader, believing in you and encouraging you. We can’t wait to see who you will become and what you will choose to be.

Be brave, be free, be you, and always follow God.

- Signed Mom & Dad

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