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This is August

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

As the summer is coming to a fast end we are preparing for our next steps.

We have had to make a really tough decision, tough for mom at least. This years birthday celebration will look a lot different. So if you follow our journey you know we are in the process of determining the next step in our heart journey. We received our call that baby Frank is scheduled for his MRI and heart cath lab on August 31.

If you know anything about this procedure he will be sedated and must be in good health at the time; therefore not even a running nose. With that being said our birthday party plans hit a huge standstill. Birthdays around here are like full fledge national holidays and even though we cannot celebrate with our family and friends this year in August we decided the celebration can still go on.

As you may know we have decided to participate in our local heart walks. We are so excited to join two great organizations to raise funds and awareness for heart health. With that being said, lieu of gifts for Frank's birthday we are asking our family and friends to donate to this year Dallas Heart Walk in honor of our little heart warrior; either for with the Children’s Heart Foundation Dallas Congenital Heart Walk or the American Heart Association both we will be participating with in September. These two organizations work directly to improve lives as it relates to heart health.

We are looking for walkers and supporters not just monetary as well. If you would like to sign up to be a walker and/or join the team we would love to have you. Please sign up via the link below.

LINKS to personal walk pages:

As always if you would like to grab our little guy a special gift we have his Amazon Wishlist updated for you. Either way we thank you for your continue support on with journey.

In honor of our first year participating in our local heart walks we will be getting shirts made.

Shirts are $18 for kids and $25 for adults and a portion of the proceed will go toward the heart walk. Must order by September 1st. They will be red so you will always have a red shirt for February. To order please contact mom or email us at

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