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A letter to my son:

This was written by Thai as we have been at Children's hospital now for 50 days, wow we never saw that coming.

It’s been one month since I held my breath for four hours while you were away at the surgery.

I have tried to be strong but the moment I stepped away I cried. I cry because the sense of a “normal” childhood is gone for you my son. Yes, we’ve known for months this moment would come, but I was never prepared to see you looking so lifeless and I could not take the pain away.

It’s been a year since the doctor told me that you were different. I was strong in the room, but as soon as I stepped out into the car I cried. My tears flowed as I googled the conditions and life long journey. The tears became rage continued as I asked “why me?”. Why him? Just WHY???

As I felt you in my stomach and knew you were weeks away; I felt you kick and move. Your kicks were so strong and I could feel your strength from within. Your strength even then, helps me be strong knowing you are a fighter, warrior. You have taught me so much about life and just living for the moment and enjoying the now.

You have brought your dad and me into a new community of CHD advocates and warriors we are so blessed to have so many great people cheering you on.

Continue to be strong my dude with all my heart to my dearest son.



I want to celebrate this win today that we are FINALLY home after 60 days in the hospital. This is a long journey ahead and with God, we know we will get through it. We cannot thank you all enough for all the love and support. The staff at Children's Hospital in Dallas has been great, the nurses there have been true angels.

Check out this video from our month.

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