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3 Months Full of Love

Our cool dude is the man!!! This month we begin to go out in the world a little to meet some family.

First a quick update; still on track with growth and heart rate. We visit the pediatric cardiologist every 2 weeks and his regular pediatrician monthly. We now have an 11 pound 2.5-ounce little man growing and growing. We completed a new echo and EKG, no changes there.

So since our last update, we have taken our first family trip. With our cardiologist clearance, we took a drive to OKC, the hometown of Thai. This was a quick trip, we drove down on Saturday morning and came back Sunday afternoon. As you will see in our video there are lots to do and pack while traveling with a newborn in fact a breastfeeding newborn that also has a heart condition.

Deuce met his grandfather, Frankie for his birthday along with his aunt, uncle, great aunt, and cousin.

We took family photos with the whole crew, this was grandma Marsha's idea and ohhh it was a process. Whoever said getting a newborn ready for photos, really anything was easy . . . No One!! Ever!! We did discover that dad has become 'studio bougie'.

New Things This Month

  1. Otteroo, fun bath time. He LOVES it

  2. Baby Wearing, for dad

  3. Road Trip to OKC

  4. Huggies Nourish & Care, with Cocoa & Shea Butter

  5. Halloween, we stayed in our neighborhood with the littles

  6. Family photoshoot (@AntonioBonnerPhotography)

Check out a quick video of our month. What were the first things you did with your little one during the first few months?

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