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Showering Baby Boy

In celebrating the countdown, we have one month until our due date.

We can’t thank everyone enough. The great hosts it was everything and more. I’m crying just thinking about how much baby boy is already loved.

Thai saw a post from a pregnancy group on Facebook about a man's baby shower. We thought this was great, men miss out on a lot of celebrating each other’s milestones in life. So we decided to have a small gathering of Franklin’s buddies for a diaper shower. This was the week prior to the official baby shower but something for just the guys to hang out and share before the baby gets here. At this shower, we just requested diapers, something easy the guys could grab and didn’t need to be wrapped or look nice. We called it Huggies & Chuggies. We are truly blessed to have some great men in our life that has helped Franklin through this new journey.

Then the official shower was the following week, hosted by the special ladies in Thai’s world they completely outdid themselves.

Way back when Thai saw some themes of baby bears which stuck with here and they keep that theme and when we found out bambino is a boy it was perfect to add in some spices of blue.

So of course with covid still around everyone is being super cautious. We only had close family at the actual shower in person, but we celebrated on zoom with the best people in our life.

We will continue to update and keep our latest needs on our registry lists up until his first surgery around 6 months. Our needs can change depending on his needs once he is home.

Check out our Amazon Baby Registry!

We are registered at Target, take a look!

We are truly blessed to have such an AMAZING village around us and we pray that through this journey you all stay right here with us.

Check out our quick video of these special events.

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