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Hello New York City!!!

Traveling to NYC during a pandemic is safe and possible. We had to get a COVID test within 3 days of travel, we were of course negative. That experience is not for the young at heart, I can still feel it. We went to nearby urgent care to get a rapid test free of charge with our insurance.

Once we arrived in NYC we had to complete a questionnaire and show the military at the airport. Yep, New York is for real about COVID. That was very reassuring (unlike when we got back to Texas, it’s like come right on in).

We did have a car that we rented at the airport so we had the freedom to sightsee a lot and go to many different places.

A Few Things We Did:

1. Soul Food Factory: The chicken was on the dry side, the pork chop was very good, greens was blah.

2. Empire State Building: Wow, literally an amazing experience to see in person and go up. Tickets were $49 each online

3. Juniors: Of course you cannot go to New York and make a stop for cheesecake

4. Boat tour: It was December in New York, so chilly it was, but so worth it. Tickets were $20 each at Pier 36

5. Santillo’s BOP: I mean it is New York, well Jersey close enough. So delicious. Great mom and pop style. The owner was hilarious, we placed our order over the phone. “$55” is a complete inside joke

6. Sight Seeing: Manhattan, Brooklyn (including the bridge), Queens, China Town, Apollo, Harlem, Trump Tower (we had to), Liberty Park, and the Christmas Tree at Rockefeller Center

Our last morning there we fixed a huge breakfast and sat around the beautiful table at the Airbnb, it was a whole vibe. Oh let me tell you about the Airbnb, I want this house just picked up and moved to Texas. The photos don’t do it justice, and a plus it’s black-owned. It was decorated for Christmas, everything was perfect.

Traveling during the pandemic is possible, but please be safe and very cautious.

For photos check out our video below

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