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Mammograms - What You Should Know

So I went back and forth about sharing but then I realize women need to know especially young women. I wanted to share because there are a lot of unknowns and misinformation about breast exams. I’ve always heard that breast exams are uncomfortable and the machine hurts; the worse. And it was always women that has even had children in like come on right.

A week before my trip to Vegas I noticed something on my breast that was not there previously. I am a women that is pretty tuned to her body and do my monthly self breast exams faithfully. So after all I’ve heard I was not wanting to go to the doctor at all.

So here is the run down; since I’m under 40 and never had a mammogram I had to get a referral (check up) from my primary care doctor (you can get this from your OB as well) then she sent over the paper work to my recommended clinic. I talked with my mom and grandmother and they both had great suggestions of places to go. I decided to set an appointment at Sue A. de Mille Women’s Diagnostics Center in Plano, Texas.

From the moment I felt the lump I was nervous, mind and stomach in knots. I could only think about my family, the what ifs the I wish I could. I’m sure it’s normal, at least I hope so to have those thoughts but I think facing it head on has to be the best way to breathe and live on.

The clinic was really nice, located on the first floor right off the front door. It looked fairly updated really cute furniture. The staff was very welcoming and took everyone slow for me.

Trust yourself, your body and get your exams. You only get one you.

I do want you all to know everything was check out fine and no issues.  Mammogram ain’t that bad side note, just awkward positioning.

Here are the findings/results of my scans:

  • Right breast benign skin lesion such as a sebaceous or epidermal inclusion cyst.

  • No mammographic evidence of malignancy in either breast.

I have a clean bill of health and I want everyone to know it's okay to know. Get those exams.

Check out a short clip of my doctors visit.

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