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HopeKids Moms Retreat

I know it’s been a while since I posted a true blog. This one is really special to my heart. It was so much I wanted to say.

Early this year the amazing Vanessa from HopeKids reached out to me to see if I would be interested in attending a HopeMoms Retreat. Without a second thought I said yes of course, but in my mind I had so many thoughts of okay should I?! I have an amazing husband and village that took on dude duty for the weekend.

There were so many laughs, tears, hugs and all around love shared all weekend. We stayed at the amazing Coleson's Frog, which is an organization that supports medical needed children.

I was blessed to meet some AMAZING moms and we had the BEST “den mother” 😊 Cheniah that made sure every second was unforgettable. When I tell you it was literally an amazing weekend it surely was. From my favorite snacks of gummy worms and hot chips to the delicious food and it was tons of it. All the ladies were perfectly selected to share and engaged.

Starting Friday night we had a wonderful where we all were able to share and reflect in devotional with the Sheila. We all spent time outside by the fit pit just enjoying one another.

Now let me tell you Saturday was all pampering. We all were able to receive a facial, yep, on site we were treated like queens. We got nails done; it was mani/pedi time and it was much needed.

We ended Sunday with a photo shoot right after our devotional with Sheila where she presented us with a gift. On Friday we shared a word and color that she then created bracelets for each of us. And they had HEARTS on them, my heart just melted. So sweet to this heart momma.

Our photoshoot was perfect, the sun came out just in time. We took group photos with all the ladies to celebrate and place a mark on such an amazing weekend. Then we each had our own special photoshoot. This was so special and so thought out.  Us moms are hardly even seen in photos especially ones of just us and us looking nice; if you know you know. 😩

I did not realize how much I needed this until I was actually there. Every second was unforgettable.

Now I share all this to say HopeKids is absolutely amazing. Not only do they provide awesome events for our kiddos but they think about us too as parents.

Please consider donating to our HopeWalk page and even joining us this year as we walk.

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