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Walk With Us

As we are one week away from the Dallas American Heart Association walk we are in the mist of making huge decisions on the next steps in our heart journey.

Now if you follow us, like you should 😊 you should know August was a busy month for us. So have been referred and consulted with the bi ventricle repair surgeon. With that being said we have lots to pray about. We found out that the surgeon has successfully completed this surgeries on a baby the same as our little guy. That makes us feel a lot better knowing how “different” his anatomy is. This surgery is extremely intense and it will be done in 2 procedures; 8/9 months apart, both with hospital stays around 2 weeks. So now we are decided on is this truly the route we are taking if so we are going to get it scheduled.

Check us out this Friday at 9am on WFAA, Good Morning Texas, as mom will have a short chat to bring awareness for the heart walk. We would love to see you join us Saturday starting at 8:30a.

Walk Details:

Here is clips from our first heart walk in Frisco

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