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The Twos Are Really Terrible

Updated: Feb 27

So I’m now trying to understand why moms do not talk about this stage.

We all hear about the newborn stage. The no sleeping, a million diapers, trying to understand feedings, doctor appointments; it’s just so hard to keep up. I get it sleep is precious I know I needs my sleep; that’s a rough stage.

This two stage tho, let me tell you. This starts at like 18/19 months and keeps going. This stage they are learning and growing so much it is very exciting to see. With the learning and growing there comes boundaries tested to the max. These terrible twos are terrorist in a 3 foot body. Nothing and no one is safe. I believe Frank’s daily mission is to take all his toys from the toy boxes and just put in the middle of the floor and unmake his bed. There is nothing he wants to keep tidy. He walks around looking for something to get into, he hit Zeus tail just to wake him up.

Now let’s talk about the bipolar appetite. So Frank has been loving Velvetta shells and cheese on a daily basis. Now he’s in this stage of wanting a full course meal for lunch yep. So I’m sure you all know I work from home so I’m there fixing breakfast (Frank and I), lunch (mac for Frank) and dinner (for the family) every weekday.

We are 6 months away from 3 years old and we are working on getting into speech, enrolled in preschool, transitioned to his big boy room and fully potty training. Yes did you all catch Frank will be in preschool this fall; sidenote this is another thing parents don’t talk about the preschool search. Y'all this is a whole nothing story in itself.

So if you have heard us talk about this potty journey, you may know Frank has been 100% poop in the pot. But someway somehow he doesn’t want to pee. I’ve heard it’s maybe he sees dad standing and he wants to stand. Frank is literally the kid that poops on the pot and then gets up to pee on the floor. Yep send help, my floors will never be the same.

We are excited about the new things he’s learning and growing and delighted to see what the future has in store. Be on the look out for big things coming. Even with a terriorist in our home, we love this kiddo so much. His smile just melts my heart and think it's not all that bad.

So my question is are moms just too over it to talk about this stage?!  The streets wanna know.

Here is a radio clip of Thai with Dr. Kane discussing our heart journey. We also had a wonderful CBS reporter come visit, check out the clip here.

Check out what we have been up to . . .

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