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Freaking Forty

On March 19, Franklin turned 40 years old; we will celebrate all year!!! We are still in a pandemic even tho Texas is open, but we are working on staying as safe as possible.

Thai planned a weekend of events to celebrate.

Day 1: Private movie showing. Thai booked a few weeks prior a private showing of Monster Hunter at the local AMC theater. This was something they thought would be really cool, we are movie goers and haven’t BEEN to a theater in over a year. So Thai saw an ad online and thought what a great idea to rent out a the movie theater. Real baller status.

After the movie we all went to Twin Peaks, great friendly conversations. We love the crew we have. Downside Thai hated the “smoked & grilled” wings. Being 5 months pregnant and can’t drink alcohol, food has become extremely important.

Day 2: Family brunch. We went to Whistle Bristle in Plano/Dallas. This was the first time we have visited and I can tell you this will not be the last time. Food was delicious and service was even better. Great food great vibe.

Day 3: Early dinner at DJ’s Steakhouse. Franklin loves steak and Thai has been really wanting to buy black and support black own businesses. So we she found DJs it was perfect, so she thought.

Check out our quick video about our DJs experience.

As we sit back and reflex on our life and the people around us, we are truly blessed. We thank you all for your support and love through everything.

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