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Baby Moons

So with COVID being still real we did not want to travel travel. So we decided to take a few weekend trips via car.

Our first was just down 75. During the weekend of Thai’s birthday we decided to schedule maternity photo shoot.

Check out the video below of the photos.

So of course being in the final part of our pregnancy journey we have become real foodies.


  1. Deep Ellum: Easy Slider - so yummy

  2. Deep Ellum: Le Bon Temps - yeah umm, so since Thai knows what real beignet are suppose to taste these were a true waste. We just gonna leave that right there.

  3. Randy’s Steak House - yes go try


  1. Magnolia Table - it was a bust

  2. Health Camp Super Burger - great burgers and shakes

  3. Fazzolis - everything with the Thai’s high school memories.


So we love to watch Dive, Diner and Drive Ins and these 2 Austin were listed and we had to try.

  1. Slab BBQ - So tasty

  2. 24 Diner - Deep in the heart of Austin

Check out our complete video of our baby moon weekends.

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