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Around the House

We just purchased a home in Princeton, Texas in June of 2020. First thing first Thai created a 'Honey To-Do List' for Franklin. It was a new home, so there was not a need to have things done right out the gate, it was all optional things. With the list, Thai can add things as she makes purchases and or see things around the house to do and Franklin can cross them off as he completes them.

The list consist of things Thai just wanted done. One major change in the home was adding doors to our formal dining room. This was not a task we could do on our own so we hired a contractor. We found a local black contractor in our area, Pier 60 Construction. Within 3 days it was complete.

Once it was complete that when we both started to realize we will decide as a team what can be done in house and what we need to get an outside source to complete.

Many things Franklin is able to just handle around the house. Back in April of 2020, Franklin received his Electrician Apprentice License. One of the first electrical related things Franklin completed in the house was moving a light fixture in our dining room.

There are so many other areas in the house Franklin has improved. One of our most recent and Thai's new favorite handyman task was Franklin hanging wedding photos along our stairs.

Favorite Things To Use Around The House:

- RYOBI hand tools

- Bissell vacuum

- Ayesha Curry cookware (stovetop items)

- Bath & Body Works candles & plugins

- OXO POP storage containers

- IKEA cubed storage cabinets

- Leveler, really any brand, just need something to get the job done

- Lowes is our go-to store for all things home improvement

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1 comentario

Marsha Armstrong
Marsha Armstrong
07 abr 2021

I must state for the record, My Son in Love is on the ball w/his a "honey-do list". Knocking off quite a few things and not very many to complete, even tho some things completed are not on the list. LOL!! Give yourself a pat on the back, "Dunn Fixed IT"!! 😍

Me gusta
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