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Two With Two!!

August 21st we celebrate you, even though it’s not like I planned it’s still your day my son. On his birthday we have a busy day at your second home with Neurodevelopment. This year there is no big party because we are focusing on making sure Frank stays healthy and stay for his Cath lab & MRI next week.

We had a great appointment with Neuro we got to see some of our favorite nurses. We are excited that Dr. Anton suggested we allow our little guy to do a moms day out program, after recovery of next surgery. We are so hopeful, he's such a bright little guy and loves to learn new things. Next job is working on communication.

This is TWO!! Happiest Birthday FDB2

We will be participating in a few charity walks for wonderful causes. We would love to see you there and wanting to share the details. All these organizations are dear to us and support families like ours.

Shirts are available and donations are accepted.  They will be red so you will always have a red shirt for February.  To order please contact Thai or email us at

Shirts are $18 for kids and $25 for adults and a portion of the proceeds will go toward the heart walk, shipping additional $10. Must order by Friday, September 1st.

Walk dates, locations and donation opportunities:

Check out our video for birthday photos and updates.

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