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The Real Deal Bissell Robot

Bissell Mop Robot

Once you get a certain age you become excited about home appliances; I know I’m that age now. I’m so excited about vacuums. Don’t laugh it’s true. I am a true brand loyalist and have literally 4 bissell cleaners; now 5.

Purchase on Amazon; I have been using now for about 2 months. Early Christmas gift from


We have hand carved wood floors in the areas I use the robot and it works great. I run the robot 3 times a week and set to replace the mop pad every 300 feet.

  1. Only come with 4 reusable pads in the box; purchase more via Amazon

  2. Can add solution to it; love I can use my regular floor cleaner

  3. Can setup a schedule to auto run

  4. Can set the area where you want to change the mop pad; like bathroom or kitchen

  5. Can restrict an area to avoid

So the Real Real

  • It’s pretty quiet until it talks; so it will say things like please add water, I’m trapped, starting to clean

  • Takes about 5 minutes to dry completely once done in the area

  • Takes about 30 minutes to clean 300 feet

  • Does not pick up items like a vacuum; like large pieces of food

  • Picks up pet and kid messes easily; it can recognize items on the floor

Check out the video for my unboxing and of the vac going on the floor.

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