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Sausage Wrapped French Toast

This has become Franklin’s go to breakfast meal. Our favorite Sunday morning breakfast. This is one of Franklin's 'GO TO' breakfast meals. This will never get too old, this easy breakfast is sure to please anyone.

Mix - eggs (3), 1/2 cup of milk (prefer almond), tablespoon of cinnamon, tablespoon of sugar and pinch of salt

Cook sausage (prefer links)

Take slice of bread wrap sausage, press the edges together

In a pan melt butter or oil place sausage wrap and brown

Once golden remove from pan

Can add powdered sugar and syrup for taste

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Nov 27, 2020

When I tell U, my Son in Law fixed this one morning and I was “my Gawd”, these are amazing.


Thai Symone
Thai Symone
Nov 27, 2020

Writing a comment to test

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