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Routine Doctor Appointment - Escalated QUICKLY

We are in the 4th month of life since our baby boy has been here with of.

This blog is truly a special blog as we sit here looking at him in the crib here at Children's Medical Center as of Thursday, December 2nd. Check out our updated videos for the process of the hospitalization thus far.

As I sit here and look around the room all I can do is think about the cuddles and kisses I have been blessed with every day and how I cannot wait to hold him in my arms yet again. We are so grateful to be the parents of such an amazing warrior.

I heard a new term since we have been here, “medical motherhood” that hit different because of how true it is many people may not ever understand and you may not ever be able to explain it. What it’s like to see your child laying in the bed with no movement, cords in their body going every which way. It’s a sight that no mom should have to see, but it has become my truth. As I see the children, babies, days old here fighting for their life right alongside our little warrior, I feel so blessed that we are right here with him all the way.

Navigating support for your spouse while trying to deal with your own emotions is not easy.

Check out this video of how quickly things change and how fast things happen.

We both just wish we could take all his pain away.

We ask for your continued prayers, this is a journey that we are only still here because of prayers.

We cannot thank everyone enough for checking in on us and the baby and making sure we have eaten. Living in a hospital for a month is no fun for anyone, but it is exactly where we want and need to be.

Check out this last video where we share some videos and photos of our life in the hospital for the last 3 now going on 4 weeks.

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