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Our Pregnancy Journey - Final Before Baby Arrives

We are posting this special blog post in honor of our official due date. Our last pregnancy update. August 19th oh how time has flown by. Fun fact, Thai had a prior due date on August 10, but that date was changed early due to the size of the baby. August 10 was only used with her Pregnancylast mistral cycle was calculated, but due to the recent stop of oral birth control that date was not as accurate as the August 19th date.

At week 35, we went to a local hospital to have the car seat installed into Thai’s car. This was a free service provided, where they reviewed the car seat manual and the car manual to determine the safest place for the baby to be while riding in the car.

Did You Know??

  1. Car seats expire, so in May of 2027 our car seat expires. There is a tag on it that lets you know.

  2. Car seats must be leveled to the ground. So there is a line on the actual car seat that must be leveled with the ground to be properly installed.

  3. All the straps of a car seat are completely adjustable. As the baby grows changing the location of the straps is a must.

  4. At 35 pounds or if gets too long time for a new seat. Thanks to Thai’s hairstylist, LaChrissa, we already have that transition seat.

At our week 36 appointment bambino is measuring 5 pounds and 14 ounces. In the previous appointment, Thai had a swab check for bacteria that is completely normal for adults but would cause issues in babies. It came back clear no Group B, so that means an antibiotic would not be needed at birth.

Thai is doing well, blood pressure has been great the entire pregnancy so the doctor wants to continue with letting bambino choose his birthdate for now. At the 36 week appointment, Thai had bloodwork done to check her thyroid and all was good. Early on, Thai’s previous OB subscribed a low does of thyroid meds (Levothyroxine - 25 MCG) due to family history and she was at the borderline level for clearance for a pregnant woman.

Week 37 is where we begin the cervix checks. Thai was super nervous, she has only heard the worse about these checks. This week the feet swelling started. No fun at all, Thai has started to have to stay in bed and/or feet up most of the time each day.

At the week 39 appointment doctor told us we can come next week with an induction date, it’s real now. Since bambino is a few days under measuring we are completely fine with going to 41 weeks. Of course, we want that “spontaneous birth” but this little guy is acting stubborn already. One thing we learned earlier on what happens, happens you can plan and want all you want but in the end, a baby will do what a baby will do. Bambino is already in charge.

Things People Leave Out

  1. Pelvic Pain; at around 34 weeks Thai started to feel the pain and heaviness at her lower belly. By week 36 it was full pelvis pain and pressure, the belly band was sometimes relief. A yoga ball helps with stretching and moving a lot. It’s so uncomfortable sometimes to even walk or bend.

  2. Those pounds will come. At around 34 weeks Thai’s appetite dramatically increased which of course increase the pounds. Within 2 weeks Thai gained 7 pounds (yes 7 in two weeks). Surprisingly still at that Thai Thai had only gained 4 pounds in total from her very first appointment in December. The last trimester is where Thai’s pounds started to come on.

  3. Do what you need to get comfortable. It is possible. At 32 weeks Thai noticed that sleeping on her side started to become uncomfortable. She had to sleep slightly sitting up with pillows around. Sleep is possible, enjoy it, try whatever you have to. We brought a pregnancy pillow early on and it worked for months. Showers and baths help a lot.

  4. Communicate. Talk to your spouse, your family, your friends, your doctors whomever. There are people out there in your corner to support you. Emotions are real, don’t try to do everything alone. From housework to just venting to someone, get help. If you have help ask for it, even before the baby arrives. We are so blessed to have a village that has step up in so many ways this past year.

Check out our overall pregnancy video. Where we sit down and discuss the journey thus far.

Let us know of any tips and random parenting knowledge you would like to share with us.

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