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Happy Month Number Four

We never would have guessed that we would spend the 4th Month of life here at Children's Medical Center. This has truly been a time in which we would want to forget, but we know we never will.

Check out some clips from our 4th month with FDB2, yeah we are still trying to find the nickname that sticks.

This month dude begin to increase to a 6 oz bottle when he took a bottle. He has been nursing a lot more and tends to really enjoy feeds then a nap with mommy during the day. He is loving his bathtime where he uses his Otteroo, seriously a must-buy for babies. He loves to smile and laugh, each doctor appointment he tends to flirt with all the nurses.

Even though we are in the hospital at this moment, we know this is only a moment in time and we cannot wait to spend time with our family and friends outside of this hospital.

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1 comentário

Marsha Armstrong
Marsha Armstrong
30 de dez. de 2021

My “Lil Warrior”, I ❤️Me some Him! I can’t wait to hold him again and for him to smile back at me cause he knows his grandma’s voice and smile!! Prayerfully, your Grandma Marsha❤️❤️😘❤️❤️

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