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Baby Update: New Information

Week 24 we went back to the specialist to check measurements and any new information. Baby boy (bambino) is growing like he should, still measuring a week smaller, but that’s not a problem. At this appointment, the doctor stated that heterotaxy and CHD is suspected. Of course, we have no idea what this all means at this point we are over googling and reading things on the internet.

So this has been a real roller coaster of emotions. After the appointment with the specialist and I’m starting to notice I’m changing really emotionally.

My nerves get the best of me each appointment day, I can barely get out the bed or even eat a full meal.

I just texted my mom and sister my anxiety is at an all-time high. I did record a video to share but somehow I cannot locate it. I will try better working on my electric skills. I want to tell you all how fine I am and that all is well, but truthfully I can’t my emotions have truly got the best of me. This is LITERALLY the hardest thing in my life I have ever been faced with.

Next steps we have to do an MRI and see a pediatric cardiologist so start working on a birth plan and after birth needs.

We have a wonderful village around us and we know it. Sharing with you all has been my therapy. We haven’t lost our faith and we know God is the ultimate healer. We continue to pray each day each moment.

We have a diagnosis!!

So at week 25, we went to see the fetal pediatric cardiologist at children’s hospital in Dallas.

We have a diagnosis; Tricuspid atresia (transposition). The doctors and staff were wonderful, so patient with us, and extremely thorough. They spent over 2 hours locating all the images and videos to determine exactly what is going on with our little guy.

Baby boy is measuring at 1 pound, 7 ounces at week 25, measuring about 3 days smaller, but completely normal. We are continuing our checkups and have decided to change our delivery location and our doctor to be in Dallas, closest to the best doctors in our area.

We have been truly blessed with a great team of doctors that literally answer everything that comes to mind, we have weekly checkups, either appointments and/or phone calls.

One of the hardest things so far has just been trying to enjoy this time in our life. You hear all the stories of how parents loved this time and what it was like being pregnant preparing for delivery. I hate having people compare our situations, that really gets me. It is so tough just trying to stay happy and positive, I get people want to share and connect but my story is not your story.

We can’t thank all the love, prayers, and support we have had during this time. We are now heart warrior parents and a part of a tribe of families that battle this together.

Check out our Week 28 video with a day of doctor appointments.

Approved resources from our doctor for more information.

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