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At week 18 we week to see the specialist about the organs. At first seemed like a normal appointment other than the hour wait. So the sono tech came in and did scans we were able to see him. Franklin asked if the heart was on the left side she said it looks like it but the doctor confirmed. So the doctor arrived, introduced herself to us. So she started the exam, we were able to see his boy parts, Franklin said theirs my boy. So she continued she confirmed that the heart was in the accurate location.

We are just going to fast forward everything. So the exam continues and she said that she does not see anything forming in the stomach, that during this time there should be some stomach movement with fluids she also explain that the heart does not look like it is generating accurately.

So long story short more tests more scans. Apparently baby boy may have some esophagus issues as well as potential heart defect. Both of these if single issues are completely repairable at birth, but both may cause issues. She discussed special doctors and birthing plans. The doctor mentioned comfort care at deliver if needed at that time, that’s when Thai emotions got the best of her, tears could not stop. After that nothing was heard by Thai.

Next steps we will have a procedure to test the amniotic fluid, that will advise any generic issues he has. Then check the sono once again, baby is measuring at 16 weeks now.

We are believers in our Lord and Savior and placing all in his hands. We are walking by faith and not by sight he is the true healer.

We did a follow up a week later and the doctor was able to see the potential stomach.

Thai’s mom was able to attend since Franklin had to work. So of course grandma Marsha was there to ask all the questions.

This appointment it was confirmed that stomach is there BUT on the opposite side of the heart. Stomach and heart should be on the same side. So with this all could be fine and he live a normal life or he may need surgery at birth we have no answers at this time.

She of course want to wait until he’s bigger. We are extremely hopeful. We decided not to do the ammoniac fluid test. The doctor said there are potential risks in doing the test and it will only provide further generic information. She did state that we could get it later or even at birth.

We are really taking everything one day at a time. This is a true faith test. We know with God all things are possible.

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