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We Have a 7 Month Old

And just like that . . .

So new this month

  • ER scare, at his 3:30/4am feeding Frank woke up to eat like normal, took about half of his bottle then was completely not like him (check out the video for how he was that morning)

  • First Cath Lab, so this is where they go in and review his heart functions in detail. So we found out some interesting things that he is a very unique baby, but he makes it work.

  • Genetics appointment, currently they have found no genetic reasoning for his body makeup. The next step is to complete an additional test that focuses on heart defect-related genes specifically.

  • We start physical therapy, we are working on sitting up and rolling over.

  • Hair did, mommy did little ponytails. He did pretty well, dad held him the whole time to make it smooth

  • Got some new heart books in the mail

  • Move to his big boy room, we are working on using the crib to sleep and not play

  • Celebrated dad's birthday

This upcoming month we have a lot in store

  • The Glenn, this upcoming Wednesday

  • Start in-home speech, working on getting 100% by mouth (bye-bye feeding tube)

  • Enjoy some nice weather

Check out our month with our special little guy - ENJOY!!!

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