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Viva Las Vegas

For our honeymoon we went to Vegas, it wasn’t what we planned, thanks to COVID. You know what they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas . . . But we’re gonna share our experience with you all.

Of course when in Vegas you have to stay at The Palace. There no place better, so they say. Side note we had great reception there 😂 Anywho, Caesar Palace, is beyond a palace it’s an entire city. With COVID, we were required to do temperature checks prior to check-in. Most of our time was definitely spent at our hotel. There was really no need to even leave, it was our honeymoon. Our room was perfect, I mean perfect. When we checked, we were blessed to be upgraded to a suite in the palace tower. We had great views of the pools, yep pools; wall to wall of pools right below our eyes. With that same view, we had our first look at the new football stadium for the Las Vegas Raiders.

One day heading back to our hotel, we got sucked into doing a timeshare presentation for the Westgate. Surprisingly we did learn things about Vegas, the history of the hotel, and the acts that used to be there. In the end, we left with some free trips; hopefully, we get to them one day; lucky they don’t expire so we have time.

A Few Things We Did:

  1. Food: Beijing Noodle No. 9 - located in the Caesar Palace. This food was so good, really fresh Chinese food. Due to COVID we could not eat in the restaurant, so we took it to our room.

  2. Food: Hash House Go-Go - located inside the Linq. Thai had gone to the location in Plano (well the waiter said it’s closed now). Great atmosphere, they were playing music, and our waiter was a cowboy fan, very weird, I know.

  3. Food: Chef Mary’s - Off the strip in real Vegas. Great black own restaurant.

  4. Food: Peppermill - Diner style restaurant; they serve liquor all hours of the day. You can grab your pancakes and Jack all before noon.

  5. Food: Virgil’s Real BBQ - Just off the strip in between the flamingo hotel and The Linq. Pretty good BBQ, we live in Texas so we did have high hopes of finding good food. It was tasty, not worth the price, but hey it’s Vegas.

  6. Gondola ride at The Venetian - Our little boat ride. Really little, about 15 minutes but our little lady captain sang while we were on the boat.

  7. Wax museum at Madame Tussauds attached to The Venetian - We enjoyed walking through and seeing all the figures.

We may not have the honeymoon destination that we planned for but our alternative was pretty awesome. We lost too much money, but we had some great memories that are priceless.

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