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Two Infinity & Beyond!!

On September 21 of this year, we celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary. If you ask Franklin he would certainly say it has been more than 2 years :)

For our anniversary we finally decided to go on vacation without the little guy. This was really a last-minute idea to travel to Mexico, but it was much needed.

So it’s true like the little things for us like the person who enjoys the little effort. As a couple that has stayed at a sister location; Dreams Resort and LOVED it we were not impressed whatsoever. So if you look online at the resort you see all the beauty, but it’s just for show.

For a vacation you expect to stay somewhere that is better than your home, the only real plus was the beach.

On our actual anniversary, Franklin booked us a romantic sunset dinner on the beach. Let me tell you it was beautiful and simply perfect at first. Once the sunset the bugs came out. Bout time the main course arrived we had been eaten by all the mosquitos in all of Mexico. We decided to move in and finish dessert inside we could not handle it. They should for sure consider having the whole resort sprayed and the dinner special candles for bugs.

We did have the upgrade of sun club; that is where you are “VIP”. There are special restaurants, a rooftop jacuzzi, a private bar with premium alcohol, and room service. I would say yes we needed it, it made the stay doable.

This is a kid-friendly resort, so we did not mind there were not many kids present. We visited the kid's area which was a nice area I like kids would really enjoy. One downside is the kid's area is completely disconnected from the beach, I know any kid we know would want that easy access to beach time.

Oh, I forgot to mention Thai tore her Achilles 4 days before the trip; therefore she was in a boot the whole time. Luckily no boot is needed in the water so that's where we decided to be most of the time. We were treated like VIPs in the airport, which was nice.


Room 2204 - Sun Club Ocean Front King

  1. Not enough plugs; so either the lamp or your cell phone

  2. When taking shower water was everywhere

  3. No balcony

  4. A/C is not cold cold

  5. The door sticks when locked locked

  6. When taking a shower, water is everywhere on the floor

The Resort: Sunscape Akumal Beach Resort & Spa

  1. An hour and a half from the airport

  2. Need a complete remodel; paint chipped, cracked floors

  3. So apparently the spa is going through a makeover we couldn’t book an at the beach nor couples massage they have it set up in a hotel room

  4. Service was blah

  5. Room service takes 45 minutes at least at a good time; not to mention no menu

  6. Can’t order alcoholic beverages through room service

  7. Timing at restaurants is difficult; trying to figure out where to eat and when

  8. The app is pointless; no menu for restaurants nor dress code details

I’m sorry we wouldn’t even bring our little guy here.

Trip Recap!!

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