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Welcome to The Braggs 2020, our very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore our site and all that I have to offer; perhaps The Braggs 2020 will ignite your own passions as well.

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This Is Us . . .

Our goal of this blog is to create content for all. We will share our relationship, family, friends and so much more.

We look forward to sharing with you our journey. Thai will have discussions about décor and design utilizing her business My Little Occasion experience. Franklin Dunn It will give quick tips on how to cross off those things on that 'Honey Do List'.

This blog is to share and engage with people across the world as we grow and develop as a couple. It is not only for couples, but our plan is to do everything together. As Thai shares a recipe, Franklin will enjoy being the taste tester.

Check out our intro video below to learn a little more about us.

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