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A Year Later

Wow, what a year indeed!!! We cannot be more happy at this moment right now. One year of marriage - COMPLETE but a lifetime to go. We are excited and blessed for the future as we continue to grow together.

When we first started this blog we had no idea we would have grown our family with a new addition that we just cannot stop looking at. With our baby challenges, we have learned and grown together. The faith that Franklin has is unmatched and got Thai through the hardest time in their life.

Within this year we have joined a couples group with our church where we meet with other married couples and we learn from one another. This has been a great addition to our 'us' building.

Things we have learned

  1. Keep God FIRST!!

  2. Never stop learning each other

  3. Work on the 'us' always

  4. Communicate - Over COMMUNICATE!!

Check out our Full Wedding Ceremony Video that took place a year ago today!!!

We celebrated all weekend, check out a quick video of some of the fun. We did finish our weekend off with a family photo shoot with our baby boy, VLOG coming tomorrow (9/21/21).

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