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The Breakfast Brothers - Food Review

We came across an Instagram reel a few weeks back and when in Dallas we had to check it out. It was the express location, so if you are aware of "Ghost Kitchens" this is one.

Just quickly Ghost Kitchens is a concept that is fairly new where restaurant owners are able to come into an already established location and sell their products. Great idea, I love it there is one in the Walmart in Plano.

Anywho, back to the food. We drove to the express location of Breakfast Brothers went in the lady said it's a lot faster to do everything online. So bet, we placed an order online it said it would be 30 minutes no bigger; good food we will wait.

After the order was submitted we discovered that we had placed the order it was the rhe location in further Dallas. Soooo yeah off we go, but before that we did a pit stop at SoIcyDFW, I mean Yummmm.

Okay now after our mango lemon water ice we drove down to the sit down restaurant. As we arrived in the parking lot which was back we just knew it was going to be good. We grabbed the food, it was ready when we arrived.

How was it?!?! What's better than delicious?!? Cause baby!!! Yep. Franklin even gave it a nickname; BBs 😊😊😊that's how you know it's good good. So if you are near any of the locations drop in, place an order, eat up!!

Oh we will be back. I want to try the pork chops and pancakes.

Check out our video of clips from our visit.

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