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Summer Summer SummerTIIIMMMEE!!!

Our first summer as parents has come to an end, and it was one to remember. We are so blessed to have had this time as a family. We were able to enjoy some friends this summer and great parties.

What's New:

  • The little guy has 4 teeth and 2 more coming in any day now

  • We should be fully walking at any moment

  • Climbs upstairs on his own

  • The birthday party was a success

  • Had 2 special birthday shout outs; Fox 4 (Dallas) & Gracie's Corner

  • Mom and dad took a much-needed vacay

  • Down to 1 (maybe 2 on a good day) naps a day

  • FDB2 Loves the water and can just float at the pool all-day

Check out some clips since our last blog, we miss the monthly updates; but we will surely keep you updated.

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