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Preparing to be Parents

We are in the home stretch of things and we are so ready. We cannot wait to see, hold, smell our little guy.

So seeing this is our first child we really know NOTHING about babies and actually delivering one. Thai is now 32 and has never changed a dirty diaper . . . Yeah, pray for us. Luckily there are courses we can take to help us prepare or at least teach us a few things.

Things We Learned

  1. Baby boys are circumcised right at the hospital at birth and they require special care once at home to help their little man parts.

  2. After birth items the mom will need; OMG You cannot wipe!!!

  3. If medicated you cannot leave your bed.

  4. You cannot 'bathe' a baby

  5. Newborns feed every 1 to 2 hours, even over the night

Check out our quick video as we learned in our baby prep classes.

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