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Nine Months Baking - Nine Months Blessing

This month truly felt like we are getting back to our normal. Cleared as of May 11th to just be a baby. No doctor appointments every other week, no plans of surgery scheduling.

Things This Month

  • Grew 2 inches, lost a pound

  • Playing in the walker

  • Mom's Birthday

  • Went to vote in the local election

  • First Mother's Day with momma

  • Boyz Sleepover; first overnight in the crib

  • Big Cousin school play

  • Big Cousin 8th grade graduation

  • Church Dedication; video coming soon

  • Mastered sitting up

  • Tolerating tummy, selectively though

  • Tried new foods; becoming a carb man

  • NG Tube gone; pulled out about 2 weeks now 😍😍😍

We are ready for the fun of what the summer will bring us. What fun things do you have planned this summer?

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