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Kiinde Starter Kit Review

We are almost one year into this breastfeeding journey, I thought it was time to give you all another review.

So I received the Kiinde Starter Kit to review. Please note it was free and you can do the same by going to their website.

Things I have learned . . .

  • They do not freeze well, it takes up a lot of space

  • Easy to unthaw

  • Not really travel friendly, once as a 'bottle' takes up a lot of space

  • Love how it can go from breast to baby

  • Little clean-up; only pump parts

  • Pricey; 20 bags for $10

  • Bags do not stand/store well in the refrigerator

So ideally, yes I would recommend it, but it is really worth it, probably not. I am at the point in my journey, if it ain't broke don't fix it. Our method is working. I do wish they had different nipple options, the one provided is not as soft as he is used to, but hey he still ate it.

Check out my complete video of the process of using. From putting it together to the little guy eating.

Link to order as well.

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