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It’s a Photoshoot

In celebrating two months until our due date, we wanted to share some photos and the day of our maternity shoot. We closed Thai’s birthday week by getting dressed up for a photoshoot.

Thai wanted this to be something we could look back on years to come and remember this time. Even with all the doctor appointments and unknowns, we are celebrating our baby boy as the gift God has given us. We hope you enjoy 😍😍😍we love them all just to let you know.

Shout out to grandma Marsha Ann for the photoshoot assistance day of.

Thai White Dress - LukaLula

The vision was to be angelic and beautiful as the arrival of our baby boy. Thai used her wedding shoes to showcase the best day of their life thus far in welcoming baby boy into it our family.

Thai Brown Dress - ASOS

The vision was to embrace our blackness. Celebrate what black love has created.

With all the death in America, we want to celebrate being black parents. Our black son matters. With the added touch of a black photographer, hair, and makeup.

Check out our quick video of our photoshoot.

Location - @BlkAndLightStudio

Photographer - @CameraMagicByDevore

Hair & Makeup- @AllThingsGlam_ByJee

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