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Happy Half Birthday

Yes, this is a thing. Our little guy is officially 6 months old. It's been a while since we had an update for you all. Lots of changes and new things happened this past month.

I had someone say why do I do all this stuff he's just a baby, welllll . . . with all my son has been through in his 6 months of living I will always celebrate him. Everything big or small, he has the rest of MY life to deal with all my extraness, this is just the beginning.

Some Things That Happened This Month . . .

  1. Weigh 6.70 kilos (we have to weigh daily)

  2. 24.5 inches long (yep him short and chunky)

  3. We finally celebrated Christmas as a family, dude can't fit any of the new clothes

  4. Mom is dairy-free for a possible milk protein allergy

  5. Discharged from the hospital; with 5 new meds (1 a multivitamin since have to use formula)

  6. Had first taste of real food; strawberries, chicken soup juice (Chic-Fil-A), applesauce, watermelon, dairy-free ice cream (Ben & Jerry), dairy-free birthday cake (PopALot_Cake_Pops), oh and breastsicles (frozen breastmilk)

  7. We celebrated our first heart month, which included a family photoshoot

  8. Had an Elecare scare, we are having to fortify breast milk to add calories to grow big and strong

  9. The next surgery will be sooner, rather than later

  10. Mom started to submit medical information to Boston Children's Hospital, more to come.

We are working on calling him 'Frank', he thinks his name is 'handsome' or 'dude :) I blame the nurses lol

Sidenote, yes we are still utilizing the feeding tube for 'some' feeds, but he is doing more every day. We have become professionals placing the tube, he loves to take it out but hates when we have to put it back.

Mom is excitedly starting to come up with ideas for first birthday plans.

Check out a quick video of our month.

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