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Genetics - What We Do Know

Back in March, we were able to finally have our genetics appointment from the test FDB2 took back at birth.

What We Now Know:

  • Currently, there is no know genetics to name for his anatomy

  • He is missing part of his 20th chromosome; which they have no idea what this gene is for

  • More testing to come; we will submit testing to a lab that will review his markers against known CHD & Heterotaxy panels

They have received the sample and we are waiting on the results, we will let you know once we hear something.

Check out this quick video of us completing the stab test for the next steps. We received notice that they have received the sample but it can take a few weeks to get the results.

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1 Comment

Marsha Armstrong
Marsha Armstrong
May 24, 2022

Oh my, what a journey, BUT GOD!! I will say, without the Lord, I would not have made it through this "grandparenting" side of this journey. It is truly a different path, the Lord has truly has had and is still having to comfort me, when it got hard. Watch these two parents do this has been "amazing" and caused me to take more time to talk to the Good Lord. Thanks for the great examples of "Faith", Thai and Franklin. 😍😍

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