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Couples Game Night

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

So we decided we wanted to host a couples game night. We wanted to have fun with our friends and bring new friends together.

Before you say COVID-19, our home is almost 3,000 square feet so calm down.

We hosted 10 guests on a Saturday night. We had finger foods as well as we had people bring things too, sort of like a pot luck. It helps us out, since Franklin had to work the day of Thai had to setup everything alone.

The Games We Played

  1. Black Card. This was sort of our “Ice Breaker” game. So it was either correct answer or majority rules. If you lost you had to take a drink. Yep, of course lots of drinking took place.

  2. That’s What She Said. This game was so hilarious.

  3. Taboo. We play guys against gals for Taboo. First-round ladies won by a landslide. Second was a tie even split 20 to 20. So then we had to be the tiebreaker; Thai v Frank. It was such a tight race, but it ended up being 5 to 6, yep one card won it all. The guys won, the ladies will NEVER hear the end of it.

  4. Never Have I Ever. Kayla and Chris shared this game with us. This we found a lot of interesting things about one another. 😊 The guys had a lot to drink on this game.

Then we moved to watch the fight. Yes, it also so happened to be fight night; Spence Jr. (a Dallas native, first fight back from serious car accident in 2019) against Danny Garcia.

Congrats Spence Jr. if you haven’t heard.

I think our game night was a success, we are ready for more. It was lots of laughter and a whole lot of shade thrown. We look forward to having more game nights in the future.

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