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Breastfeeding It’s Not For The Weak

As we just marked our one year with our little dude I wanted to share a special blog just about breast-feeding pumping and the journey.

Moms if you pumped breast-feed for one day great job this is truly a hard process that no one actually prepares you for. It’s more than a physical task on you it’s mental it takes over your whole social life as well as your sex life. One thing I think people do not tell you is when Frank was nursing my sex drive went down to like nothing, seriously yeah. Once I started pumping more and he no longer really want to latch that definitely changed but thank you breast-feeding fix everything more than just your breast.

My journey has not been easy what so ever. I have been from over supply, feeding on demand, under supply, donating milk, getting donor milk, the list can go on and on. Everyone’s journey is different and that is what makes it special and your own. No it’s not fun, I have dreaded it everyday but it’s so worth it.

Things I Didn’t Know

  1. Hydration is key

  2. Stress effects your supply

  3. Know your limits; mentally and physically

  4. Nothing wrong with formula if you have to do it

  5. Every woman, every baby, every situation is different; don’t compare yourself

  6. Change those pump parts often!!

  7. If you can drive, they can drink (no pump and dump

  8. Pumping is breastfeeding

  9. Women judge more about public feeding than men

I want to expand more on the pumping is breastfeeding. You may hear a lot about breastfeeding is best, get the baby to latch; it’s not that simple. In my case latching was simple, at first, but it took a turn once he was hospitalized for 2 months. Once he had no real interest in latching I became an exclusively pumping mom. When it comes down to it yeah I enjoyed actually breastfeeding when he latched, it was less work but more demanding.

Right now I am not sure when I will stop pumping, I’m okay with tomorrow or even next year. I know this is all for my little guy and I’m taking it one day at a time.

Lastly to you mom if you even thought about breastfeeding you child kudos to you, that’s step one.

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