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Breastfeeding At Bedside

Breastfeeding hard; I'm going to say it again breastfeeding is hard!!

Pumping at bedside is not easy what so ever. During the many hospital stays I have seen my supply go up and down.

I have some things I learn that helped and some tips I have.

Things That Help My Supply

  • Body Armor Drink

  • Gaterade / Powerade

  • Oatmeal

  • Water

  • Rest

  • Relax

  • Pump often

Set boundaries, get with your nurse to get a schedule for meds and treatments. The goal is to go home so get the baby on a schedule as soon as you can go have it adapted at home.

Step away, go to a lactation room sometimes to get a break

Diary Free Options, these items I LOVE literally would buy even if I could eat dairy. I was diary free for about 6 months.

  • Country Crock Olive Oil Plant Butter

  • Coffee Mate Natural Bliss Plant Based Caramel Almond Milk Coffee Creamer

  • Daiya Chocolate Fudge Crunch Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Bars

  • Partake Gluten Free Vegan Birthday Cake Cookies

All purchased at Target

Breast feeding must haves

  1. Multiple breast pump pieces

  2. Avent natural nipples

  3. Small ice chest/cooler

  4. Pumping / nursing bras (at least 3)

  5. Heating pad

  6. La Vie

  7. Hakka v cups

  • Keep the snacks on stand by

  • Get comfortable

These are certainly a few things that helped me.

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