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11 Months!!! What A Time

Big things this month!! Busy Busy Busy Month!

Our little boy Leo is almost one.

So FDB2 has come fond with calling momma Thai, he thinks it’s a joke. We say momma, then he goes and say Thai; pray for us.

New this month

  • Graduated from speech, he is eating well.

  • Tried new restaurants, reviews coming son.

  • Wants to eat EVERYTHING, he is using those 2 front teeth.

  • The gastroenterology appointment went well, no feeding tube. No appointment until next year.

  • Has mastered drinking from a stir.

  • Mastered crawling and side step while holding. He wants to walk so bad, working on his upper body strength. Check out the video for some great clips.

  • Got some big boy shoes to practice walking.

  • Does not like large groups of people, we have tried the Frisco Athletic Center and Hawaiian Falls, but he’s not a fan.

  • Lowered the crib bed because we have a stander ready to move.

  • Trying to get the little guy to SLEEP in his crib and not think it’s playtime. Check out the video of what he likes to do in the crib.

  • Mom is still pumping away for mostly nighttime feeds, we have given up on latch cause this bitter thinks it’s funny to bite.

We are working on finalizing birthday plans, invites are out and we are excited. Mom is going overboard, but everyone expected that.

Check out this video from our amazing month.

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