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Pumping While Traveling

So recently we travelled on our first vacation since our little guy was born. Yes I’m still pumping right along, so I had to bring the whole gear.

I pumped on the flight; it was not too difficult; I have the cups that goes right into my bra.

How it went:

  • Houston Hobby, there is a pump/feeding station which is so cool

  • Going through CUN airport was extremely easy, I told them about the milk and they looked at it and the freeze pack

  • Going through HOU was not as easy. I let the TSA agent know they took it to the side opened all the containers they had to test the milk and freezer pack. It took an extra 15 minutes for them to review

  • Pumping on the plane is not too bad; I got extra ice from the flight attendant


  • Make sure your hotel/resort has a refrigerator

  • Keep milk on ice as well, just in case things go out

  • Keep your pumping supplies separate from other luggage

  • Travel with bottles for milk; a lot easier to go thru TSA checks

  • Take your own cleaning supplies

  • Check for any updates on the travel standards

Check out this clip from the trip while pumping

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