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Pump Pump Pump Review Time

New pump alert!!! Yes, it seems like I have a million pumps, according to Franklin I do.

I found this pump through an August Mom's Facebook group.

My Thoughts on the WISLIBE (Same as the 'Carer' breast pump on Amazon)

  • The packaging was great, they made sure it gets to you okay

  • I did notice there was some backflow when I was moving around

  • Suction is VERY powerful

  • There is an auto increase after about 2 minutes to increase the suction; have to bring it back down

  • The buttons are very sensitive, babies hands will have your nipples crying

  • This has become my favorite pump to use

  • Adding to my freemie cups is the dream

  • It comes pink or blue; haha very girl or boy

Check out my video of unboxing and using it for the first time, I also tried the pump with my Freemie cups.

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