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Journey Update - Nursery Reveal

At this stage, Thai is feeling LARGE, yes LARGE. Her feet has begun to swell at times and this belly is heavy. Appetite is here, Thai wants to eat and oh yea eat. Mornings are getting hard to get up and at it, but thank God Thai is able to work from home. Throughout the day breaks and putting up her feet on a daily. Franklin has been off of work for a month now due to being in a car accident, but he has still been super helpful. From going to pick up Thai's random cravings to picking up orders. He has tackled numerous items on his 'Honey To Do List' and of course Thai continues to add things on a daily. With bambino's arrival date getting closer and closer we are really nesting and planning.

Just to update you we have met with the Cardiothoracic surgeon who has reviewed his case and he just confirmed what we have been previously told and we are still on the path of the same game plan.

We are smooth sailing now, just a normal OB checkup. So far heart rate is good and we are planning to continue through 40 weeks as planned. The kicks and movements are becoming a part of our normal day. Baby boy loves to wake up around 6:30 in the morning and swim around until around 11 at night. Franklin is able to calm him down already by singing and rubbing Thai’s belly.

At week 33 we had a virtual call with the Fetal Evaluation and Treatment Alliance (FETAL) Program at Children’s. They advised us of the complete process from delivery to Children’s ICU evaluation. So at this point, we hope that all is well at delivery and he is okay to stay at the hospital with us until Thai is able to be discharged and then transferred to children’s. He will automatically go to NICU after he is stabled and they will begin evaluation unless there are issues after delivery. Franklin will go to NICU with him as they start the evaluations. The health professionals will be confirming the below details with scans and tests.

The latest fetal anomaly includes:

1. Heterotaxy with stomach on the right

2. Tricuspid Atresia with D Transposition of the great arteries and pulmonic stenosis (type IIB)

3. Large inlet VSD Pulmonary Valve with moderate hypoplastic

4. Branch Pulmonary Arteries confluent with mildly hypoplastic

Additional Checks: We hope to rule out any other defects, but thank God the doctors will be able to rule out things with the great technology available.

1. Spleen

2. Intestines 3. Liver

The following week we went to an OB appointment where we had a sonogram. He is measuring about 2 days under, which is exciting he hit a growth spurt. He is turned facing the exit 😊😊😊Doctor did advise us that they will complete genetic testing at birth with all the bloodwork they will complete which was good news to hear.

So as of July 5th the delivery Hospital will be open for visitors over the age of 12, this was exciting because Thai was nervous that she wouldn’t have her mom and sissy there.

We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our life that has help us along this new chapter. With our beautiful shower a few weeks ago I thought we would share a little about our nursery.

So in our home, wow and we have been here one year already 😊😊😊 our room is located upstairs along with a loft. So since we found the house we always thought the loft area would be the location for the “man cave”. Little did we know we would get pregnant right out the gate and it would be a nursery as well. So it’s still a man cave thank God we are having a boy so it works.

Check out this video for a quick tour of the complete loft area for bambino.

We will continue to update and keep our latest needs on our registry lists up until his first surgery around 6 months. Our needs can change depending on his needs once he is home.

Check out our Amazon Baby Registry!

We are registered at Target, take a look!

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