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Alert. Alert. Alert. Special Announcement

Yep, so many have guessed and assumed not the cat is out of the bag. This blog is mostly from Thai’s perspective.

On Tuesday, December 17th Thai decided to take a pregnancy test. The only reason was that she was 14 days late. She had no signs nor symptoms.

Now I want to be completely real and uncut with you all. The facts, the real deal what people don’t tell you. This is our pregnancy journey, everyone’s vary. Crazy thing is, this is just the beginning.

No one tells you, you have no appetite for anything you literally have to force yourself to eat to stay alive and not get sick. And energy, no ma’am ain’t none; sleeping 16 hours a day. All you want to do is sleep, just rest your eyes for like 5 minutes.

Okay, momma close your eyes . . .

Let’s now talk about pregnancy sex, I literally threw up in between sex, a literally kill joy. I’m telling you I want to let you all know. I mean obviously, I didn’t get into the state I’m in my just kissing my husband.

So things I discovered I can’t because it makes me sick.

  1. Eat sweets; includes desserts and drinks. I just want cake

  2. Eat beef, I want a burger so bad

  3. Smell cooked bacon; my family learned the hard way not to fix breakfast.

  4. Mint, nothing I can handle. Had to change toothpaste, Franklin can’t even give me my morning kiss before he leaves.

  5. I can’t get “stuffed” I eat like a quarter of my food then 2 hours later I’m back hungry. I’m tired of eating lol

  6. Take baths, I’m sad, I am a bath person, but I get so weak and tired to even get out of the tub.

  7. Suck it in anymore, nope it’s all out already.

  8. Seasoning, this kid is basic. I need something with a kick.

So during this time COVID-19 hit my family and fast. Thai’s mother was sick at Christmas, everyone was at our home celebrating. She did keep her distance no one had real contact with her just in case. We got tested just in case but we were negative. Please be careful all.

Things I didn’t know would happen:

  1. Gas is out of control

  2. Diarrhea then constipation

  3. Your body is not your own, it’s whatever the baby wants and likes

  4. I am tired for no reason, this is literally the laziest I have been my whole life

  5. My belly is extremely warm weird I know, the area where the baby is located

We are looking forward to our August baby. We will continue to share our journey with you all. Franklin will give some of his point of view and we will give baby updates as well. Now we are thinking about baby names, gender reveal, baby shower and so much more to share with you all. Stay tone, we have lots to share.

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