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The Jam on Space Jam: A New Legacy

We did a little date with the littles. As the whole world knows the much-anticipated Space Jam movie sharing LeBron James is finally out. There has been talks and talks for years about is it really going to happen, well the wait is over.

Opening weekend we took the littles our niece and nephew to see Space Jam 2. They are ahead of the game since they have already seen the original with Michael Jordan.

We went online to purchase tickets, we decided to check out a theater we had not visited before. We typically go to Studio Movie Grill, but we decided to check our Moviehouse & Eatery. It has the same general idea of a studio.

- Side note when did matinee movies cost $12.50 each then a $6 service charge. Anywho, we enjoyed getting out for a bit and hanging out with the littles.

A lot of people (adults) are saying it is too cheesy and unrealistic, our thoughts are . . . so have you not seen the first one. I loved the original as a kid, but you have to think about it; it's a kids movie.

Check out the video that includes our right after review of the movie. Hope you enjoy check out our little special guests.

Let us know in the comments if you have seen the movie or plan to.

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