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I’m Here For The Sex

Good Friday for Good News!!!!

Yeah, we are a “sometimes” family-friendly blog. Keep reading to see what’s in store. This is about the gender of the baby, yep the sex :-) So the kiddos can continue too.

In honor of our WEEK 20!!! Wow, time is flying by. We wanted to share with you all first with this special post.

This took place at halftime on Super Bowl Sunday.

Our Baby Journey Continues

Officially taking prenatal, those coded pills make me sick :-( I could not take the One A Day prenatal advance, I purchased these before we had our first doctor appointment. Now I take vitafusion prenatal along with Slow Fe for an iron supplement. I take the iron supplement since the gummies do not have iron in them.

1/24 at around 5pm we were hit from behind less than 10 mins from our home. It was any damage but it still made us both realize that we have a life to take care of outside our own. Thank God all was well, not even damage to any vehicles. We are really taking things day by day to learn about the baby and things about our growing family.

Oh how I miss wine, I mean not that I’m like a drunk but a glass a week I miss and a nice hot bubble bath. I have learned early on, naps are my best friend. We had to purchase a maternity pillow, Thai was really struggling to sleep.

With Thai's family's history, we decided to take the recommended genetics test. Baby and mom were all good and cleared. With this test, we were able to learn the gender earlier around 9 weeks. Our video to learn the gender is below, we loved sharing with our family.

Thai's TSH levels were high for a pregnant woman, so the doctor subscribed me with a thyroid supplement to assist. This should only be while pregnant since levels are fine for a normal woman. On top of all of that; prenatal, iron, and thyroid, I have added on taking Colace to help with constipation. Yep, let me tell ya, the constipation is real. I have never been constipation before being pregnant.

Check out our family gender reveal along with some pics. Stay tune for more to come about our journey.

Click below for THE sex. You will love our video.

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