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Hospitals Oh Hospitals

We are certainly freguent flyers at Childen's Health.

End of 2022 was BUSY for us Franklin caught a stomach bug, he had intestines surgery and a few appointments.

So as you may know of little guy has a lot going on with his anatomy and back during his longest hospital stay they discovered that he has malrotation of his intestines. We met with many doctors of the pros and cons of surgery; we decided to proceed with the preventive surgery.

The Ladd's procedure is the standard corrective measure for intestinal malrotation in children and consists of division of peritoneal bands (Ladd's bands) traversing the posterior abdomen, reduction of volvulus, appendectomy, and functional postioning of the intestine with or without fixation.

Check out some chips of what it is like; including pre op appointment and a cardio appointment. This also includes surgery day for the LADD procedure.

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