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Double Digit Days - 10 Months Update

So new this month we are in the streets. We met so many friends and family for the first time this month. We had some graduation party, some birthday parties, a gender reveal, heart handout, swimming, cousins sleepovers, family gatherings, and lots of eating. We have discovered that little dude is a full fledge carnivore and bacon is really his favorite.

As of 6/17 FDB2 weighs 17 pounds and 8 ounces. We are still feeding tube free and doctors are no concern with growth he is on his own trend. We have speech (for feeding) and physical therapy (to get to walking) twice a week each.

Mom has calls to home health and health insurance monthly about coverage, number of visits, approvals, blah blah blah. Right now we are approved through September, so we shall see.

We have 2 teeth now and put everything in his mouth. Oh and has master DaDa and refuse to say MaMa, mom is trying to get TaTa (it’s close enough to Thai, right?!).

Franklin had his first neuro development assessment and he is doing great, some work is needed with his gross motor skills which gets better by the day with PT.

First Father’s Day was a success, dad still hasn’t put his gift together.

Check out a few pictures from the month.

Countdown until ONE, mom booked the location now working on the smaller details.

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